Top Gun...IGNITE Career Program

We are very excited about our "Top Gun IGNITE Your Career" program events for 2023 at Bridging the Gap.  Veteran Friendly Hiring Employers are partnering with us every week to offer our IGNITE program to the military community and soon open to all civilians. 

WHAT makes us different is "HOW" our Career Coaches prepare and educate all veteran attendees on tactics, techniques and procedures in securing a employment,  Then, becoming "Employment Ready" by Speed Interviewing with dozens of hiring employers. 

Our programs and services enables all veteran candidates and family members to engage directly with our Career Coaching Team and with hiring employers to become “Employment Ready” during the transition lifecycle. We host monthly programs on military installations and via virtual webinars to educate how to find a career the right way. We have been supporting the Secretary of Defense Military One Source career programs across the nation with our efforts.

It all starts with our “Top Gun IGNITE Your Career” Program.  Our IGNITE program will help you thru the career transition process with success:

I  = Identify your Natural Skills and Abilities
G = Get Focused and get a Mentorship
N = Networking using Social Media Tactics
I = Identify Successful Interview techniques
T = Transform and FIRE Proof your Resume
E = Become Employment Ready

Contact Us to learn more and attend one of our seminars.  

Companies Attending