About Us

Bridging The Gap for Veterans Inc, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by Military Veterans who fully understand how to help the military community.  We are Military Career Transition Coaches providing transition assistance and opening career doors directly to Veteran Friendly Hiring Employers locally and nationally. 

Our Mission – Bridging The Gap for Veterans helps prepare and provides the entire military community and family members Career Transition Coaching, and access to Veteran Friendly Corporations to help secure Career Interviews.  We create a Competitive Advantage and preferential hiring treatment for the veteran community after serving our Nation honorably, enabling a rewarding career path.  We have established a Corporate Platoon of C-level Executives, Human Resource Professionals, Hiring Managers, and Marketing Directors to call upon to get a career door open.  

We host our “Top Gun …IGNITE Your Future” Career Transition seminars programs on military installations and college campuses providing career Tactics, Techniques and Procedures then engage with Employers in “Speed Interviewing” sessions.

All our career programs are FREE of charge. 


Our THE COFFEE PLATOON® Program enables Bridging the Gap to provide our Career Transition Coaching and support to the military community with no cost from the retails coffee sales sold online and stores.

  • www.thecoffeeplatoon.com - Visit our e-commerce online store to order our delicious coffee blends.
  • Supermarkets - If you are in the New Jersey geographical area, visit ShopRites and Circus Foodtowns supermarkets to purchase coffee.
  • Corporations - Businesses enlist in The Coffee Platoon®, purchase coffee products from Bridging the Gap, then donate the coffee products to military units around the Nation, Veteran Service Organizations, Local Police Departments, neighborhood Fire Stations, and EMS professionals, saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, one Coffee at a Time.
  • Online Coffee Fundraising -  Our online e-commerce fundraising platform enables any organization or non-profit to raise funding from the sale of our coffee products.  We provide $5 back from every coffee or hot chocolate product sold to the organization. A customized hyperlink is created and shared with your family, friends, co-workers, etc so that there is no chasing down people for money or knocking on doors asking for the order.  Very easy, no inventory to carry and no money to hold.  Let The Coffee Platoon handle all this for you.  Once the coffee campaign is over, every organization gets paid out immediately followed by 10-14 days later with coffee either mailed to a home address or a centralized pickup location.     

Our Coffee Blends are:

  • Salute to the Army
    • Army Strong (Dark Roast)
  • Salute to the Navy
    • Anchors Away (Mild Roast)
  • Salute to the Marines
    • Semper Fi (Dark Roast)
  • Salute to the Air Force
    • Aim High (Mild Roast)
  • Salute to the Coast Guard
    • Semper Paratus (Mild Roast)
  • Salute to Old Glory
    • Stars & Stripes (Mild)
  • Freedom Blend (decaf)
  • Gold Star Mothers of New Jersey Blend
  • Commander Hot Chocolate